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Worthy rewards for worthy efforts

Human Resource Policies

With the motto "People are a valuable asset of Viettel IDC", Viettel IDC always focuses on building effective human resource development policies to stimulate the development of personal capacity and build a professional working environment so that all employees have the opportunity to show their maximum capabilities. Along with that is the commitment to ensure a high income level in the technology enterprise market and a preferential treatment and development policy to ensure the satisfaction of both material and spiritual needs of workers.

“Happy employees will bring values ​​that satisfy customers;

Satisfied customers will bring the biggest benefit and success to the company;

Successful companies will create the best regimes for employees”.

Working enviroment

Viettel IDC is committed to developing and maintaining the positive working environment to recruit and maintain competent, dedicated and thoughtful staff.
There are 3 factors to decide on the selection of personnel when Viettel IDC recruits, they are: Doing the work well, loving the work and having suitable culture:

  • The concept of doing the work well and loving the work: It is understood that each person unleashes his or her full ability with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Concept of suitable people: It is understood that people who are suitable with Viettel's corporate culture, personality, working spirit, and people who have the spirit of determination to accomplish goals and suit to Viettel's values ​​of life. .

        All staffs when coming to work at Viettel IDC are clearly defined their work and career path. The company always encourages individuals to maximize their capacity, creativity in their jobs and all the smallest contributions are acknowledged.

Training and developing

Viettel IDC will arrange individuals in accordance with their abilities, interests, qualifications and experience in such a way that stimulating that individual will continue to develop their strengths and continue to cultivate what are missing. Personal training and development according to the competence framework and career roadmap of each title position.

  • Training through giving hard work: Talents can be anywhere but they don't have a chance, they haven't been awakened yet. To find excellent people, the first condition is difficult work. After hard work, experiencing personal challenges, you will find yourself more mature.
  • Training through staff rotation: At Viettel, staff rotation is for training and staff discovery, to find the right person in the right position. Rotation is creating a new space for individuals to innovate, to refresh themselves and to discover the potentials of each individual. In particular, rotation from the grassroots up is also a training method. Through this method, many mature staff members have become important leaders.
  • Form of training: Viettel IDC applies the training method according to the coach mode with the expectation that the staff will know and solve problems in all circumstances, rather than knowing some superficial knowledge. Teachers teach students how to think, how to learn, how to approach a problem and they will explore, learn and research by themselves. It means that the problem is not to teach them knowledge but to give them learning methods.

Promotion opportunities:

Viettel IDC wishes to maintain a competent, stable and diverse workforce, fully informed of employment and career opportunities. Viettel IDC also seeks to promote every employee's development opportunity, expressing ideas and job satisfaction through evaluating and recognizing the contribution of each employee to the company.

At Viettel IDC, the opportunity to promote a fair career for all employees is determined by a clear plan for using human resources and the career path of each position. Seeking managerial or professional positions is conducted publicly and transparently with both internal and external candidates, which makes the opportunity of every employee at Viettel IDC larger, as long as you have good capacity and enthusiasm to develop Viettel IDC.


Viettel IDC implements the "two-way" salary payment mechanism. One for Management - managerial titles and jobs. The other is dedicated to professionals and engineers (i.e. those who focus on the specialty). The salary is designed to compete well with leading companies in Vietnam market in the same industry. Based on this mechanism, Viettel IDC employees will not have to worry about the situation like this: Despite your dedication and technical creativity, the salary is still low because you are not in a managerial position. Viettel IDC pays salary according to capacity and labor results in reality of each individual. A good professional will be considered as an expert and may have an equivalent salary to the manager. Besides, there are other policy regimes as prescribed by law as well as health check for all employees, supporting to buy annual health insurance and accident insurance packages.


Trade Union, Youth Union, and the Viettel IDC Women's Union always take care of the lives of employees, have policies to encourage and be an important voice with suggestions on mechanisms and policies for Company Leadership.

In addition to the activities of emulation movement, production and business activities are collective activities, sports competitions, creative days, tourism, convalescence... helping to bond with colleagues, build a sustainable and unite collective with the spirit that Viettel IDC is the second happy home of every employee.


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